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 Samsung's new 16-Megapixel image sensor S5K3P3 allows the construction of flatter smartphones Smartphone manufacturers. In a recently launched Samsung Smartphone an Isocell camera with new image sensor could be installed already. Soon in the Galaxy grade 5?

Samsung shrinks the Isocell sensor: starting today, the South Korean company Smartphone manufacturers offers a new 16-Megapixel image sensor with a pixel size of 1.0 micrometers. The Samsung S5K3P3 referred to the same image quality provide as 16-Megapixel image sensors at the same time but allow smaller camera modules 1.12 micrometres, with a pixel size by 20 percent. Thus, device manufacturers could build for example, flatter smartphones. Camera modules with the Samsung S5K3P3 can be under 5 millimeters high, explains the company today.

Samsung itself has probably already used the new Isocell sensor in an own Smartphone model: in the Galaxy A8, which since the middle of this month only in the home market of the manufacturer and China is available anyway, agree the camera facts & figures - a 16 Megapixel resolution, a pixel size of 1.0 micrometers, a depth of only 5 millimeters with the before four weeks of Sammobile gel files information to the camera of just 5.9 millimeters thick Android smartphones with metal match.

It remains to be seen whether the S5K3P3 image sensor in the camera module of the Galaxy's next top device note 5, which is expected to be officially presented at the Galaxy-unpacked event Samsung on August 13, will work. Smaller pixels note 5 compared to the predecessor model to the result a poor camera quality of the Galaxy may have. In the current flagship smartphones Galaxy S6 and Galaxy note 4 sometimes IMX240 the Sony sensor with a pixel size of 1.2 Micron is instead an Isocell image sensor from Samsung.

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