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The expectations of the Galaxy could be higher hardly rated 5 ZUK Z1. Here you can find out therefore all about price, release, technical data and rumors around the Galaxy note 5. The latest: From France, the first picture which shows the Phablet in a case allegedly and very familiar at first sight met us. You'll find it in the "Pictures" section.

Samsung Galaxy touch 5: price and availability

Availability: The Galaxy touch is Samsung's IFA's flagship, it has always been so. With this positioning, Samsung would be also very happy, as the largely undisputed star of the international radio exhibition is thus one of the largest tech trade fairs in Europe. Therefore, we expect the grade 5 to the 4 September 2015 at the latest.

Price: Due to the rapid loss of value of Samsung has to start up its prices. And as it now also turns the quality screw and built high quality, extremely well processed materials, the prices will not fall. On the contrary, one has the impression of slow, Samsung could have understood that Apple's high prices of its success are. Therefore the introductory price is are no less than in the previous version (769 euro). Actually, we expect a price increase tends to be rather.

It must be assumed that the Galaxy will follow the design of the Galaxy S6 note 5. That the note of 5 more itself will have no plastic, we can say therefore pretty sure. Whether Samsung dares even in his Phablet star, to install the battery, we have to wait. There are reasons for this and reasons against.

The latest images and even a rendering video to the Galaxy note 5 come from @OnLeaks. The moving renderings in the video some interesting details about the upcoming Galaxy see note 5: from design to it very similar to the Galaxy S6, as previously suspected, and pen have of course over a S that but now has an automatic ejection with the Galaxy note 5. Interestingly, a standard microUSB port will be shown in the video, where actually it was assumed that it will have rated 5 on a USB-type C connector.

How big is the Galaxy actually rated 5? According to the Twitter Leaker of @OnLeaks, who writes for the French site, the grade 5 to be minimally smaller than its predecessor. The author speaks of a height between 152,22 mm and 153,44 mm, a width between 76,11 mm and 77,31 mm and a thickness between 7,69 and 10,201 mm. The big jump in the thickness can be explained by the protruding camera and easily outstanding home button. By comparison, the current note 4 has the following dimensions: 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm.

Further image material grade 5 was brought to the Galaxy nowhereelse circulated by the French tech portal. If we are honest, almost nothing from this image can be derived. Nevertheless, beat over the blogs to the hour and want to have recognized that the battery of the grade 5 will be not exchangeable. That may well be, but currently we advise caution. It is not even clear that this actually is rated 5 a real image of the Galaxy.

Should it be but in fact, it would be possible that Samsung is very strongly based on the Galaxy S6, which is a considerable success (depending on the report). So it should surprise no one. But rather, we tap that it is a placeholder of a single manufacturer. Finally are optically not to distinguish image from the back of the Galaxy S6 camera and Flash in this, and also the front is the current flagship of the S 1:1. And of course, here also the S6 wallpaper is used.

Samsung Galaxy touch 5: technical data

Battery: The battery is can store mAh more energy according to recent rumors with 4,100 than ever before (in the grade 4's are mAh 3220). This is a nice rumor for that but completely lack faith. Exciting, of course, the question will be if Samsung makes first non-replaceable as even with the Galaxy S6 sealed the tailgate and the battery. Some of the first picture, so suspect, this indicates what then of course would formally require a significantly larger battery.

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