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During the presentation of X, OnePlus Chinese manufacturer announced, Huawei G8 in addition to the regular version Onyx, also a limited edition version with ceramic back. Recently, through a tweet just OnePlus, we discovered that OnePlus X Ceramic Limited Edition will be available for purchase through the invitation system, starting from November 24 (next Tuesday) and costs 369 euros.

Remember that OnePlus X Ceramic Limited Edition will be produced in just 10000 specimens because of its special processing, which requires 25 days and includes the cooking temperature cubic zirconia 1480° Celsius for about 28 hours with a subsequent cooling of 2 days.

Purchasing this particular variant will be completed only by those who are keen to have a smartphone of high class since the internals remain the same of the Onyx template already on sale.

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 The CCCR Z1. A real added value in terms of Smartphone. The newcomers from China has managed right with its first model to win the hearts of many user. She could be of course value for money. but also so ZUK in the Z1 much really, but still not all.

In the last two weeks we had provided ZUK Z1 as a test unit to get. The newcomer to the far more popular brand of Lenovo. And there "ZUK-a Lenovo Company" emblazoned in letters, it also proudly shows this on the packaging. And already the noble packaging shows that you have not to do it here with an artsy from China. Inside it you will find the usual then. The Smartphone itself, the SUSDB type C charging cable, the suitable plug and the tool to open the SIM slot. Headphones were missing, it may be but also because it was a test device. But here, most users use their own anyway.

Huawei Ascend G630

ZUK Z1 specifications

The CCCR Z1 has a 5, 5″ FullHD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution at 401 ppi. Inside works the 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Adreno quad-core processor 330 GPU. This is supported by 3 GB RAM. The internal memory is 64 GB big and not expandable. On the back is a 13 MP camera with Sony IMX214 sensor mounted on the front of a 8 MP camera with OmniVision OV8865 sensor. The battery has a capacity of 4,100 mAh. A fingerprint sensor is installed in the home button and also USB type-C is included. As operating system cyanogen OS 12.1 is lollipop based on Android 5.1.1 used. Mass and weight are 155.7 x 77.3 x 8,9 mm at 175 g. The model supports 2 nano-SIM cards, which can be used also in the LTE network. Specified as official MSRP 285,00 EUR, but I still never saw the Smartphone for the price.

In the last two weeks we had provided ZUK Z1 as a test unit to get. The newcomer to the far more popular brand of Lenovo. And there "ZUK-a Lenovo Company" emblazoned in letters, it also proudly shows this on the packaging. And already the noble packaging shows that you have not to do it here with an artsy from China. Inside it you will find the usual then. The Smartphone itself, the USB type C charging cable, the suitable plug and the tool to open the SIM slot. Headphones were missing, it may be but also because it was a test device. But here, most users use their own anyway.

The camera

As mentioned in the specifications, the CCCR Z1 on the back with a 13 comes MP camera with Sony IMX214 sensor and optical image stabilisation, as well as on the front with an 8 MP camera with OmniVision OV8865 sensor. Both cameras take good pictures, ok in my eyes, I'm also not just spoiled as a nexus 5 users. During daylight or good lighting, you can achieve very good results. In low-light conditions or but night shots, there is yet significant noise and much poorer shots. Here you should really use a tripod, because otherwise it will be difficult to get reasonably good results.


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 Samsung's new 16-Megapixel image sensor S5K3P3 allows the construction of flatter smartphones Smartphone manufacturers. In a recently launched Samsung Smartphone an Isocell camera with new image sensor could be installed already. Soon in the Galaxy grade 5?

Samsung shrinks the Isocell sensor: starting today, the South Korean company Smartphone manufacturers offers a new 16-Megapixel image sensor with a pixel size of 1.0 micrometers. The Samsung S5K3P3 referred to the same image quality provide as 16-Megapixel image sensors at the same time but allow smaller camera modules 1.12 micrometres, with a pixel size by 20 percent. Thus, device manufacturers could build for example, flatter smartphones. Camera modules with the Samsung S5K3P3 can be under 5 millimeters high, explains the company today.

Samsung itself has probably already used the new Isocell sensor in an own Smartphone model: in the Galaxy A8, which since the middle of this month only in the home market of the manufacturer and China is available anyway, agree the camera facts & figures - a 16 Megapixel resolution, a pixel size of 1.0 micrometers, a depth of only 5 millimeters with the before four weeks of Sammobile gel files information to the camera of just 5.9 millimeters thick Android smartphones with metal match.

It remains to be seen whether the S5K3P3 image sensor in the camera module of the Galaxy's next top device note 5, which is expected to be officially presented at the Galaxy-unpacked event Samsung on August 13, will work. Smaller pixels note 5 compared to the predecessor model to the result a poor camera quality of the Galaxy may have. In the current flagship smartphones Galaxy S6 and Galaxy note 4 sometimes IMX240 the Sony sensor with a pixel size of 1.2 Micron is instead an Isocell image sensor from Samsung.

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The expectations of the Galaxy could be higher hardly rated 5 ZUK Z1. Here you can find out therefore all about price, release, technical data and rumors around the Galaxy note 5. The latest: From France, the first picture which shows the Phablet in a case allegedly and very familiar at first sight met us. You'll find it in the "Pictures" section.

Samsung Galaxy touch 5: price and availability

Availability: The Galaxy touch is Samsung's IFA's flagship, it has always been so. With this positioning, Samsung would be also very happy, as the largely undisputed star of the international radio exhibition is thus one of the largest tech trade fairs in Europe. Therefore, we expect the grade 5 to the 4 September 2015 at the latest.

Price: Due to the rapid loss of value of Samsung has to start up its prices. And as it now also turns the quality screw and built high quality, extremely well processed materials, the prices will not fall. On the contrary, one has the impression of slow, Samsung could have understood that Apple's high prices of its success are. Therefore the introductory price is are no less than in the previous version (769 euro). Actually, we expect a price increase tends to be rather.

It must be assumed that the Galaxy will follow the design of the Galaxy S6 note 5. That the note of 5 more itself will have no plastic, we can say therefore pretty sure. Whether Samsung dares even in his Phablet star, to install the battery, we have to wait. There are reasons for this and reasons against.

The latest images and even a rendering video to the Galaxy note 5 come from @OnLeaks. The moving renderings in the video some interesting details about the upcoming Galaxy see note 5: from design to it very similar to the Galaxy S6, as previously suspected, and pen have of course over a S that but now has an automatic ejection with the Galaxy note 5. Interestingly, a standard microUSB port will be shown in the video, where actually it was assumed that it will have rated 5 on a USB-type C connector.

How big is the Galaxy actually rated 5? According to the Twitter Leaker of @OnLeaks, who writes for the French site, the grade 5 to be minimally smaller than its predecessor. The author speaks of a height between 152,22 mm and 153,44 mm, a width between 76,11 mm and 77,31 mm and a thickness between 7,69 and 10,201 mm. The big jump in the thickness can be explained by the protruding camera and easily outstanding home button. By comparison, the current note 4 has the following dimensions: 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm.

Further image material grade 5 was brought to the Galaxy nowhereelse circulated by the French tech portal. If we are honest, almost nothing from this image can be derived. Nevertheless, beat over the blogs to the hour and want to have recognized that the battery of the grade 5 will be not exchangeable. That may well be, but currently we advise caution. It is not even clear that this actually is rated 5 a real image of the Galaxy.

Should it be but in fact, it would be possible that Samsung is very strongly based on the Galaxy S6, which is a considerable success (depending on the report). So it should surprise no one. But rather, we tap that it is a placeholder of a single manufacturer. Finally are optically not to distinguish image from the back of the Galaxy S6 camera and Flash in this, and also the front is the current flagship of the S 1:1. And of course, here also the S6 wallpaper is used.

Samsung Galaxy touch 5: technical data

Battery: The battery is can store mAh more energy according to recent rumors with 4,100 than ever before (in the grade 4's are mAh 3220). This is a nice rumor for that but completely lack faith. Exciting, of course, the question will be if Samsung makes first non-replaceable as even with the Galaxy S6 sealed the tailgate and the battery. Some of the first picture, so suspect, this indicates what then of course would formally require a significantly larger battery.

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 Decent camera and long term raquetball on tedious Android interface and problematic graphics performance

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei has left some time in Austria. While the Group provides several years of smartphones of the entry-level in the Alpine Republic and since 2013 with the Ascend his aimed at style-conscious customers midrange series, but the series of honor so far has not officially admitted it P models to buy BLUBOO X500. This changes the honor now - with the honor of "Holly", 4 X and now three devices of the series are available the honor 6 + one tries to establish the name as a separate brand. Accordingly, it was outsourced in their own businesses.

While the model Holly in the budget area to conquer market shares and 4 X as good all-round option is that the honor is positioned 6 + as the flagship to pierce with a special camera and low price point. The WebStandard has closer seen the Android.

The unit forms part of Designtechnische, at least when looking at the front, in the category "unspectacular". A rectangle with rounded corners, defensible thin margins, held in glazed plastic in a color. The also glazed back after all, offers an interesting pattern and somewhat reminiscent of some Sony model. The edge is mobbed by a metal frame on three sides.

The plastic in the tested, white model visually not excessively high-quality works, seems quite strong haptic. Processing, there is nothing wrong.

The honor 6 + measures 150.5 x 75.7 x 7.5 mm and is a little heavier representatives of his Guild with 165 grams. Despite his smooth-looking back it can be sure the mobile - at least if one has not just smaller hands. With one hand, the device can be only of very limited use. The 5.5 inch IPS display solves with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (401 PPI). Color reproduction and contrast are very neat, if not quite at the level of the AMOLED panels, as found in the Moto X or the Galaxy S6.

The maximum brightness could be however higher for a flagship. Good summer weather, you should seek the already a shady spot you need to detect screen content without effort. Practical: For the winter, there is a switchable glove mode.

Huawei uses self-construction in the inner values. The Kirin was chosen as platform 925-chip, which is manufactured by the in-house vendor HiSilicon. He brings a combination of four cortex A-15-cores (1.8 GHz) and four cortex-A7 cores (1.3 GHz). The former mainly deal with challenging tasks, other little-demanding everyday tasks. These are 3 GB RAM on board, the Onboardspeicher of the LTE version is 16 or 32 GB depending on the model.

The space can be extended. Makes you use, you must forgo however also supported use of the dual SIM capability. The honor 6 + has two lateral bays. The former is home to a microSIM card, the second combines a nano-SIM slot and a microSD slot according to the principle of either/or. A solution, selected probably for reasons of space, which leaves instead of completely eliminating one but at least two usage scenarios.

Processor and memory, which are produced approximately at the level of the Snapdragon-801 by Qualcomm on paper promise fleet operation. And in fact are no nakedness is the phone for simple apps, casual games, browsing and other usual tasks and executes programs too quickly. The benchmarks also confirm this. With 44,000 meters, the honor 6 + at the all-round test with Antutu ends up almost büer the HTC one M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5. The Browserbenchmark Vellamo it locates at the level of the OnePlus one (3,000 points in chrome).

A phone for demanding gamers is the first offspring of Honor series but at best with smears. He used graphics chip, Mali T628 MP4 is more starting to smell, and also in improving many things might have not worked. Graphically intensive programs bring the appearance of noticeably in the stuttering.

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